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Toni Robinson

"Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self-esteem. They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls. They give us hope!"

Children's Classes: Quote
Children's Classes: Welcome

Children's Classes

* Horsey Hang Out Class (One-on-One) all ages : $40.00/ :30min session

   This class is great for those wanting to get outdoors, be around horses and learning about them at your student's own pace. This class students will brush, hand walk, graze and learn horse facts.

   Littles "Small Steps" Class (2-4 students ) 4-6yo : $45.00/ :40min session  These lessons will have students arrive to saddled horses, ride for about 20mins then untack and groom.

(May have additional handlers depending on the students.)

  Private Littles 4-6yo : $55.00/ :30min session 

 These are one-on-one classes with an individual instructor.  

*    Littles "Step Up" Class 5-7yo : $60.00/ 1hr. session

A transitional class that integrates grooming and tacking. Ride time is still about 20mins, but the full class is an hour. 

   Semi-Private Horsemanship Class 7yo+ (2-5 students) : $75.00/1hr :30min session

This applies to all programs; Novice, Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced.

Curriculum is based on skill level. 

*     Private Horsemanship Lessons 7yo+ : $95.00/1 hr. session

These individual lessons are available on a limited basis and used as a transitional class to overcome personal challenges.

The goal is to join a class in 4-12 weeks.

(Prices are based on monthly prepayment.)

Classes are designed with your child's developmental stage in mind and most classes are grouped by age. 

Family Classes can be available.

Horsemanship Curriculum Overview

Novice Curriculum

Novice Program
The Novice program is great for those with little to no experience being around and riding horses. Students learn about equipment, simple anatomy, general horse care & handling, and arena etiquette. These classes provide a lot of assistance as the students build their confidence and experience.

New students can ride Western and will learn subjects like grooming, tacking, horse handling, equipment knowledge, simple anatomy and basic riding skills including posting and trotting.

At the end of this program students will be tested to get their certificate and move on to "Beginner Classes" 

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Beginner Curriculum

Students who have some riding experience or have passed the Novice Test will enter the beginner class.

Students can ride English or Western and continue basic riding skills including cantering, lead changes, flat work and obstacle maneuvers. 

Students will also learn more in depth horse/hoof care, the importance of their fitness level and horse exercise programs.  

Intermediate to Advanced Classes

For students who have years of riding and are honing skills for specific disciplines. 




Trail Riding

Horsemanship Develpoment

 Students will be assessed to find placement.

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