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Girly, Truffles and Snoopy!
The Roundup Herd

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About Me

"No heaven can heaven be, if my horse isn't there to welcome me."

I've been around horses my whole life. It became a grand passion at a very young age. I was classically trained in English disciplines by 9, was gifted a saucy chestnut mare name Kandy Girl at 16 (trained her to be a trail and lesson horse), and rehabbed horses that were in accidents and got them ridable again.

Today, I give lessons to students of all ages, love working with hobby trail riders and continue to train trail horses. My approach is to give folks a well-rounded equine education and a solid foundation in horsemanship.

My purpose is to help share the gifts that these magnificent animals have to offer and give everyday people the chance to experience it for themselves.

"A life without horses is no life for me." -Roseshell Weaver

About: About Me
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